More Than a Fan Podcast #36: Terry Francona to the Indians, Why the Browns Lost, and NFL Recap

Segment 1


First segment is Ryan and I taking opposite sides of the Terry Francona hire. I’ll let you guess which side Ryan took.

Our first must hear of October is how we relate Terry Francona to pork products. It’s – dare I say – yummy.

Segment 2

Holy crap, guys, the Browns lost. I know, I didn’t believe it, either. That’s why Ryan and I had to break down that fantastic 8 minutes against the New York Giants. That didn’t take a whole segment, though, so we had to do some talking about the 52 minutes of the game that was absolutely horrible.

It’s not all bad. I mean, I could bomb an In Living Color joke.

Segment 3 & 4

We stand up and knock down every game on last week’s NFL schedule. Recaps, trends, predictions… the whole enchilada.

There’s more good jokes than a Mike Birbiglia comedy special. (And one really bad In Living Color joke)