More Than a Fan Podcast #22: NBA Finals and Hating LeBron James

Tonight’s podcast is feisty.

Well, Ryan is feisty, and that makes me feisty. We didn’t argue (a lot) today, but we disagreed.

We attack the NBA Finals as fans instead of stat-heads for once. We reveal our rooting interests in the Finals – they will not surprise you – and we talk about what we think will happen if LeBron finally gets a ring.

To continue the theme of being NBA-heads, we talk about being basketball fans in general, and the whole hating-LeBron phenomenon.

After the break, we run down the weekend and give our See You Next Tuesday predictions for the Tribe.

A note to our listeners, we’re testing out options and segments with the More Than a Fan Podcast and we’d love feedback from you about how well they’re working. We’ve got Ryan’s Unpopular Opinion, the Weekend Rundown, and we’re even kicking around a segment just so we can yell at each other. You know, because we don’t do that enough anyway. So, drop us a line and let us know what you like.

Thanks for listening!