More Than a Fan Podcast #18: NBA Playoffs, Ryan’s Unpopular Opinion, News

On today’s More Than a Fan Podcast, Ryan and I get back into arguing about the NBA Playoffs.

We tell you who’s going to win their second round series’, why they’re going to win, and whether or not it’s worth riding with the Philadelphia 76ers.

After the break, Ryan finally gets a chance to unveil his Unpopular Opinion segment. He spouts off about a certain Beltway phenom and then wilts under the pressure of repeated comments about what he was going to talk about last week. He’ll undoubtedly refute this claim once he reads this sentence. You’ll just have to listen to see who’s right.

After R.U.O., we gush over Kyrie Irving’s NBA Rookie of the Year Award and pick our up to now Indians MVP.

Also, ummm, hey Lisa… Derek Lowe is pretty good. (You should all follow @LovintheTribe on twitter and tell her how awesome Derek Lowe has been)(Please)