MTAF Podcast #132: Cleveland Cavaliers with Dan Armelli

Josh (@RailbirdJ) was joined by Dan (@dano708) to break down Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, and shed some tears over Dion Waiters.

Kevin Love probably wasn’t going to be a topic at all, but it is Demetri’s birthday(@demeatloaf), and talking Love is really the only way to honor such an occasion.

Oh, and here’s Dan’s column on Tristan Thompson, in case you’re following along at home.  (Sorry, I don’t have a bouncing ball.)

As always (I’ve said this before, but these two places are very important to More Than a Fan):

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Tribe Time Now #4: Recognized at the UN, but No One Really Cares

Ryan (@RThompAK13) is joined by Co-Managing Editor of It’s Pronounced Lajaway, Stephanie Liscio (@stephanieliscio) as they talk about the incumbent governor of Brohio, Opening Day ticket sales, Alex Rodriguez and this weeks segment of ‘Fact or Fiction.’ Ryan also introduces #TTNHashtagWar.


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The SEC 411 #6: NCAA Tournament Edition

As the weather begins to tempt us with spring, that means one thing to sports fans. The NCAA Tournament is approaching. In the spirit of this change, @SMerenbloom and @Autull start to dive into basketball.

It seems it’s never too early to talk about the field of 64 and Seth and Bird used Jason Lisk’s preliminary bracket as their starting point.

Want to know what Seth and Bird think of the potential one seeds? Want to know who Bird sees as the cinderella candidates? And what does Seth think of Bill Self and his play-anyone-anywhere rhetoric?


CFB Roundtable #48: Beaver Believer with a High Academic Motor

Mike (@pigskinopinion) talks about his Bimmer, Damien (@damienbowman) complains about the snow. Serious talk of the toughest jobs in college football, the amount of money the SEC Network is paying out to it’s member schools, Gary Andersen and Stanford recruiting with David Shaw.

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